Policy Roadmap to European policies for living-lab-based open schooling

What are the Policy Challenges for the Implementation of living-lab-based open schooling in Europe?

The aim of the Policy roadmap to European policies for living-lab-based open schooling is to put forward a set of policy recommendations that should be followed in order to normalize the use of living labs methodology in education complemented with an open schooling framework through a consistent involvement of pupils and teachers.

The roadmapping exercise encompasses three main steps:
1) Identification of the policy gaps that hinder the uptake and implementation of living-lab-based open schooling
2) Elaboration of a set of future policy challenges and implementation scenarios related to living-lab based open schooling
3) Definition of a set of practical policy directions and recommendations for all stakeholders involved

More specifically, the roadmap will tackle issues such as the following:
- Which major policy gaps and challenges should be considered and addressed for normalizing the implementation of living-lab-based open schooling?
- What kind of instruments and incentives are necessary to tackle these challenges?
- What is the anticipated impact of these challenges to each policy domain and to the society?
- Which are the broad recommendations for policy makers, researchers and schools that are meaningful to accelerate the take-up of living-lab-based open schooling?

For more information, please visit the project website or contact us at francesco.mureddu@lisboncouncil.net

Methodology to produce the roadmap

Structure of the roadmap

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