Policy Roadmap to European Policies for Living-Lab-Based Open Schooling

[...] * Declining interest in science studies and related careers. In addition to the low numbers of girls interested in science, an overall declining interest in science studies and related jobs can be observed. This is problematic, as they are required to meet the demand for well-prepared graduates (at all levels) and researchers in our knowledge-based communities and economies. Both individuals and businesses are affected by this so-called "skills deficit." The average company spends more than $800,000 per year on recruiting suitable people. Recruiters' hiring pools are currently limited due to the present skills deficit. The most substantial skills gap among workers has been in the STEM industries. Additionally, a low interest in science studies and related careers contributes to the already existing lack of public awareness and understanding of the intricacies of humanity's scientific and social challenges, both in Europe and globally.